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Car Servicing In Wollongong- Important Step For Smooth Drive Of Your Car

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The health of your car depends on regular car servicing. When you shower your car with tender loving care in the form of routine car servicing and proper car maintenance, you reap various benefits. At the same time, you appreciate a smooth driving experience. Car owners pay significant attention to the problems arising in their vehicles, so they hurry to the mechanics.

However, how many of you take a minute to ensure that the car machinists have solved the problems? Well, the prevalence will be pretty low, and that’s where we invite more considerable car risks and bills in our direction.

Keeping your vehicle maintained guarantees the longevity of the car. Here are several advantages of car servicing in Wollongong if done at Matthews Tyres and Mechanical are-

  • Safety 

The specialists at Matthews Tyres and Mechanical comprehend the relevancy of the vehicle’s safety and the peace of mind it produces to the car owner.

Although there are so many causes behind automotive accidents, a cause of concern is car neglect. Defective steering and braking systems, lower levels of fluids, worn-out windshield wipers, and other car-related problems may cause severe accidents while travelling. Routine car maintenance comes with a complete car check wherein the whole vehicle is checked for any leaks, damages, and excessive wear. Such car servicing in Wollongong guarantees safety on the road and significantly reduces casualties due to lost car control.

  • Enhanced appeal

Car servicing also includes thorough car washing.

From debris and water stains to dust and filth, our car faces several such challenges which leave scratches and spots on the glass surfaces. However, regular car servicing in Wollongong and cleaning assists in getting rid of such debris, saving the glass panes from damage and improving the general appearance without burning the pocket.

  • Prolonged life of the car

Regular maintenance prevents malfunctioning of the car, improves the performance of the car and fuel efficiency in your vehicle, and increases the life of your car. In addition, periodic car servicing ensures that your car is in excellent condition. And when your car is in top condition, it will last longer–counting years of benefit for you. Also, it will give you little stress while you are in your car.

  • Good for the environment

A poorly maintained car emits more environment-damaging fumes and emissions into the air because of blocked exhausts and unchanged fluids and oil than a car that undergoes regular servicing and maintenance. Each time you drive a car, your car emits CO2 and CO gases into the atmosphere. Improperly serviced cars produce toxic emissions, which contribute to pollution, smog, water particles, and acid rain damaging the environment. By providing your car with regular car service, you thus lower your carbon footprint and do your little for the environment.

  • Lesser breakdowns

If your vehicle hasn’t been to a car service centre for the last few months and is giving you troubles, then you should know that this is simply the start.

You may think that accomplishing regular servicing of your car is an excessive expense. But, a well-maintained car reduces the cost of driving by bypassing significant problems that end up costing a pretty penny.

What’s more, a breakdown car would destroy your plans for the day. And it will finish up costing you valuable time finding a mechanic and something new arrangement for yourself. Bypassing a mechanic service for a long time will ultimately lead to your car breaking down in the centre of the road, and even more threatening if it’s in a vacant area. Regular checkups will provide timely oil and filter change and tyre rotation, thus improving the service years of your vehicle.

  • Raised resale value

If you are determined to sell your car after using it for years, then any buyer would be curious about a vehicle that looks fine and is well-maintained.

This is where all the money you spent on regular car servicing in Wollongong pays off. Proper car maintenance helps in detecting any problems at the earliest. In addition, a well-maintained car will not only sell for more money, but also it will be easy to sell.

  • More safe car components

Routine car servicing in Wollongong ensures that the most critical components of your car- its cooling system, brakes, tyres, suspension all are working very smoothly. This maintains them in top operating condition for years to come. The tyres are also examined for a safe ride. Also, tyre pressures are inspected to ensure you are on the securer side. Lights, wipers, and horns are also checked for their functioning. Whether it’s just an oil service or a full car service, the car should be inspected in depth.

  • Fuel efficiency and economy

A significant cause of consideration for car owners is the mileage and the quantity of fuel their car uses. A car running down at fuel efficiency uses more fuel and, more significantly, the money you used to pay for it. Routine servicing of your vehicle and changing the oil regularly ensures that your car saves your money. However, when the car parts are not serviced properly, they start deteriorating and swallowing more fuel than ever, boosting your fuel costs.


Efficient car servicing in Wollongong by Matthews Tyres and Mechanical ensures safe and satisfactory driving with complete peace of mind on the road. This way, the driver isn’t troubled by any noises in the car, which might divert him on the road.

There is no downside to routine maintenance. Hence it is recommended to take out a few hours from your occupied schedule every few months to go to a reliable car servicing centre like Matthews Tyres and Mechanical for complete car servicing in Wollongong.


Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.

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