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Can garage door openers be reprogrammed?

You might not realize it but garages take care of a lot of your belongings and vehicles and keep them secure from theft. Garage door openers also provide you the convenience of opening the garage door without having to get out of the car. This especially serves as a blessing in rainy weather or when it is snowing. However, security can become a great concern if someone  finds out your opener’s frequency and uses it to open and enter your garage. Since, most of the expensive equipment like hiking gear, tools, and vehicles are stored in the garage, it is imperative to take safety measures.

The burglars these days are tech-savvy. They read your opener’s frequency through a hacking device for wireless security systems. When you try to open your door through your remote, the hacking device captures your remote’s programmed signal. With this signal information, they can duplicate the frequency and use it to get into your home through your garage. That is why it is important to find a quality garage door opener in Moruya and reprogram it often, as a part of your home’s security system.


When should you reprogram your garage door? 

There are a lot of instances when it becomes mandatory to reprogram your garage door opener and keyless entries. For example, when:

  1. You lose your remote.
  2. You shift to a new house and owners have taken the remote with themselves. Even if they haven’t, you should still reprogram.
  3. Due to some malfunction, the garage door keeps opening by itself.
  4. You gave your code to a technician or a service provider.
  5. Your neighbor’s door has the same frequency as your garage door opener.
  6. After changing the batteries of the garage door opener. Many garage door opener systems cannot remember the previously stored information if they do not get a continuous power input. So, when you replace the batteries, you will have to reprogram the opener.
  7. After long periods of a power outage. Extended power outages can also wipe out the memory of the door opener and require reprogramming.
  8. Bad battery connection. Continuous disconnection of the battery also results in the inability of the door opener to recover memory.


Is Reprogramming the door opener easy?

Reprogramming the garage door is a fairly simple task, and most people will be able to do it on their own. All you need is a good, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide, that conveniently drives you through the process. That’s exactly what this article is about!

How to reprogram your garage door opener?

A garage door opener is a machine unit installed in the garage that does the lifting and lowering down of the garage door. Different models of garage door openers in Moruya have different systems and placement of buttons, but the reprogramming process is essentially the same.

Reprogramming the opener and remote

On the unit of your garage door opener, access the control panel by lifting the plate on the unit. Then follow the given steps to reprogram your opener.

Step 1

Your first step should be to locate and press the “learn” button on the panel of your door opener’s motor.

Step 2

This step allows you to erase the previous code memory of the unit. If your unit is new, you can skip this step.

Press the learn button on your garage door opener unit until the light comes on and turns back off. This can take about 6-7 seconds and will clear the memory of your motor. It is now ready to be programmed with a new code.

Step 3

Press and hold the remote button on the opener’s panel. This will make a light come on for 30 seconds on the panel. Now, while the light is still on, press and hold the button on your remote, until the light on the unit starts to blink.

In case your motor does not have a light, press the learn button on your unit (the learn button can also be a red button in some cases) and then hold the key on your remote, until you hear two clicking sounds.

If you still find it hard and are unable to do the reprogramming on your own, you can find a professional to help you with your garage door opener in Moruya.

Reprogramming the wireless keypad

Besides reprogramming your remote and the opener, you can also do the same for your wireless keypad. The process for this one is essentially the same but requires a few different code sequences to be dialed on your keypad for each step.

These sequences can be different depending upon the company and model of the devices being used. To find out how to reprogram your keypad, refer to its user manual.


An indication that there’s a problem that requires more than just reprogramming…

Sometimes you would spend hours on end trying to troubleshoot and fix your garage door opener, but the problem would still persist. There is a lot more going on inside the motor unit, than what it shows. The garage door opener consists of many components that can start acting finicky on their own. There isn’t necessarily a fault of the owner in these cases.

In most of these instances, the manufacturers are willing to help fix the faults or replace the garage door opener altogether, for a minimum to no fee charges. If you are facing issues, where you constantly have to reprogram your door opener, contact your garage door manufacturer. You will most likely get a new garage door opener in Moruya from them.

Another solution includes contacting an electronics expert, who would help find the root cause, and assist in fixing the problem quickly.

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.

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