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All you need to know about Turntable Repair

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Are you having an aging record player? Is it worrisome putting your beloved album under the needle? Then you need to go with the turntable repairs, they ensure it to operate correctly without scratching and permanently damaging the record. Maintaining the speed can be a challenging task, with the help of the turntable repair service you can hang out and enjoy your old records. These turntables are now considered as the past where digital audio technology today has overtaken the turntable as the dominant platform for music playback. The turntable repair technicians know the factors about the appropriate spare parts. They can repair every turntable model which is brought to their workshops.

Turntable repair procedures:

The turntables are unique in their requirements and all have similar working principles. Some common procedure they follow to repair are:


The turntable repair technicians first inspect the turntable by removing the turntable platter, internal cover and bottom protective case. They identify the electronics for any potential problems. The on/off switch is the unit which indicates the power problem. They are on the power board and bypass the on/off switch circuit with a piece of wire. By inspecting the power switch wiring they repair and start the switch to work.

Replacing Electronics:

After a few years, the electrolytic capacitors start to go bad. When you take your turntable to the repair shop they replace all of them.  They have the right tools and equipment to solder the electrolytic capacitors. On the circuit board, each capacitor has a corresponding number stamped. Each capacitor’s voltage and capacitance is checked and recorded and the non-working capacitors are replaced with the new one.


They desolder by using a wick or solder sucker. The solder on a component is heated and then sucked up with the solder sucker, which is a kind of manual pump. You can also heat it up by placing the copper wick over the solder. The wick will draw up the solder. Once the solder is removed, they clean the board with concentrated isopropanol.       

Reference designators:

The capacitor number is labelled on the circuit board. In this case if the capacitor is removed and replaced, place the tape over the capacitor temporarily to hold it in place while soldering the other side. And then trim the leads and solder the joint.

Tracking weight:

The tonearm weight is to be tested with a gram scale. You can achieve the correct track weight by adjusting the counterweight. The manufacturer tracking weight for the stylus varies the turntable repair adjust accurately without a scale. The value is set on the dial as same as the tracking weight.

Change your turntables phono cartridge:

A phono cartridge is an essential element in the turntable, which is an electromechanical transducer that is used to play records. The cartridge generates electrical currents in the coil that your amp/speakers turn into music. On playback quality it has a big impact where all turntables come with the cartridge installed, calibrated, and ready to play. Take the performance of your turntable to the next level by upgrading the cartridge. The turntable repair will change your cartridge or they will instruct you to change the cartridge on your own for high playback quality.

Phono cartridge installation:

They instruct you to remove the flat-head screwdriver to loosen the headshell screws and then gently unplug each of the four tonearm wires. Hold the wires by the plastic sleeve and now you are ready to install the new cartridge. Attach the tonearm wires where each coloured tonearm wire has a corresponding coloured pin on the cartridge. It is best to leave the stylus guard during installation where it is very fragile.

After that, insert the headshell screws into the slots. Hold the headshell nut in place using your finger and then turn the screw until the threads catch. Make sure the screws are snug and repeat with both screws. Align the cartridge by adjusting the positioning of the cartridge along with the headshell slots. And then check your vertical tracking force.

To provide additional mass distribution along the length of the tonearm, the magnet is attached to the back of your counterweight. The stylus on your cartridge is to be replaced every 2000 hours or so.

Wrapping it up:

Getting the old turntable repair is the best way to retain the classic sound heard many years ago. Old record players do not produce sound as accurately as by using the guidelines and procedures of the turntable repair to get the high-quality variation of the music.

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