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All You Need to Know About Spiral Pier Liner in Newcastle

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Most of the spiral pier liners in Newcastle lead the way for concrete foundation forming. The spiral pier liners are light in weight. Moreover, the best thing about these pier liners is that they are also cost-effective. There are three corrugations per strip, so there will be no rigidity. Plus, one can also cut and modify them easily. Many companies in Newcastle supply an extensive range of accessories for concrete formwork. For example, some of them include hardwood/steel pegs, edge form boards, kerb bows, and rebate brackets. Moreover, with all these things, they also provide pier liners and form tubes as one can use them to form foundation piers.

Before reading further, one must understand the concept of pier liners.

Pier Liners:

Pier liners are one of the most popular forming tubes. All of them are designed for maximum strength to weight ratio when creating a concrete-filled pier when piling or creating columns during construction. However, these pier liners come in different diameters, made of rolled galvanized metal. Additionally, all of them are 3m in length. For instance, they are available in

  • 300m
  • 400m
  • 450m
  • 600m

They are suitable for all types of construction projects. Spiral pier liners in Newcastle are built for Australian industry standards and maximize the strength to weight ratio. Most of the spiral pier liners are futuristic.

Pier Foundation:

To understand pier liners, one must also understand the concept of pier foundation. The construction of a foundation that can bear the heavy load from the superstructure. It can be possible with the help of a pile below the soil and cylindrical columns called a pier, and above the ground is known as a pier foundation. The other name of the pier foundation is post foundation. There is a flat structure between the pile and cylindrical column (pier) called a pile cap. Thus, it helps the superstructure withstand columns and be stable. The hollow vertical shaft just sunk up to the hard bed. Similarly, all the open portions fill with inert material such as sand or lean concrete.

A pier foundation is suitable for heavy structures like flyovers in sandy soil or soft soil overlying hard beds at a reasonable depth. Moreover, it is also best where the bearing stratum is available at shallow, and there are no chances of erosion below the foundation. A pier foundation is relatively easy to construct and needs less money for labor and material. It can be pre-casted and can also save a lot of time. The most important thing about pier foundation is that the designer can change the structure if the need arises.

Now there are two critical tubes that one must understand. They are as follows. 

  • Column/Architectural (Smooth Finish) Tubes:

To achieve a smoother or higher surface finish on the concrete column, most of the column tubes are available in spiral finish. One can insert a durable plastic liner within the metal or plastic form/column tube. Most things depend on the installation method and the properties of concrete. Some of the finishes of class 1 or 2 are possible with lined plastic or a metal column tube. Once stripped, then they will minimize rendering. Their usage also depends on areas requiring more attention to detail; however, if there is a wrapped tube, the quality finish will not be there at the joining point. 

  • Pier Liners/Form tubes:

Pier liners, form tubes, and column formers are best to use. They are available in metal, plastic, or cardboard. One can cut them to suit their job requirements, or they are available in stock lengths of 4m. Companies in Newcastle provide a variety of tube diameters and shapes. In addition, where the top fitting is not available, thus, they can be tapered, sloped, and even wrapped.

The Importance of Spiral Pier Liner:

Spiral is a lightweight and robust tubing suitable for forming pour-in-place round concrete columns. However, the placement of the tubes in the ground is the pier. There will be the usage of the piers in a different application. The other important thing about the pier is that the walls that are thicker resist deformation. Thus, it happens if the soil starts collapsing onto the outside of the tube. The spiral pier liners in Newcastle are pretty famous.

Another essential thing is the construction of pier liners from a more robust galvabond material. They are also corrugated, giving them additional strength to withstand ground collapse. They are also offered in spiral welded mild steel up to 6mm in material thickness. Hence, that is for heavier duty applications.


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