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8 Signs Your Car Needs an Exhaust Repair

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Your car is a complex machine made of different parts that are carefully and thoughtfully positioned in the right place by experienced engineers. So, what accurately is the job of the exhaust system? It plays a vital role in keeping the air in the cabin and the atmosphere as clean as possible. The exhaust system is installed to forward the gasses from inside the engine to outside the car while converting them into less harmful emissions.

The harmful fumes may poison the people inside the car and tamper with the functioning of the car and reduce fuel efficiency, engine work, etc. Wollongong is a coastal city in Australia in the south of Sydney along the Grand Pacific Drive. To keep the whole process uninterrupted, it is important to identify the signs of car exhaust repairs in Wollongong. Let’s look for the signs your car needs an exhaust repair.

Fuel Efficiency:

As a car owner, you must know how important fuel efficiency is. Anything that reduces it needs to be handled as soon as possible. Exhaust leaks can also cause a false reading on the oxygen sensor near the system. This increased level of oxygen reading leads to extra fuel burning, and therefore, a drop in your mileage may occur.

An exhaust leak also suggests harmful gases that are not being emitted outside the car system. These gases increase the engine’s temperature and enable more fuel burning. You can arrange for a car inspection service and fix the leak issue immediately.

Burning Smell

A burning smell is not at all a good sign, particularly when it comes from your automobile. Here is why your exhaust failure can generate a burning smell. If the gasket fails and starts spreading anywhere nearby the engine wiring or part, chances are the heat from the exhaust gases can cause the parts to burn as they are made of plastic.

Ensure that you go through car exhaust repairs in Wollongong before driving again. When the smell spreads to your cabin, it may seem like the engine is burning, and you may also encounter some smoke. Make sure you do not wait for the smoke but directly switch off the car and empty it.


If you detect vibration on the gas pedal, steering wheel, or car seat, it is likely due to a problem in the exhaust system. One reason you are experiencing the vibrations is a rusty exhaust pipe.

Another cause for the vibration can be attributed to the exhaust leaks. In both cases, you have to find the source of the problem and fix it before it comes back in the form of a heavy car exhaust repair. In order to prevent exhaust repairs, users must take care of their cars carefully.

Engine Light 

The blinking engine light never means the good news. Neglecting your engine light is not a good habit, and many things can cause it while you do not know how urgent or dangerous they are. Whenever the check engine lamp is on, it is better to drive to the repair shop and check it before making any guess. Any issue in the exhaust system may also revolve around the check engine light, so it is always better to have a technician inspect the vehicle.

Engine Noise

Engine Noise can be credited to several issues, but the common issue is usually with your vehicle’s exhaust system. The engine noise is mostly attributed to the exhaust leak. A loud rumbling sound that rises and falls with the vehicle’s RPMs is a tell-tale sign of an exhaust leak.

Rattling Noise

Any foreign noise approaching your vehicle is a sign of concern. A rattling noise arriving from the exhaust area is also revealing a problem.

If you hear a continuous rattling sound when the engine is running, it could be a faulty or loose catalytic converter. Catalytic converter falls in the only parts of the exhaust system, and it would be better to have the car exhaust repaired or replaced quickly.

Performance Issue

If you have any problem with the exhaust system, it is sure to be reflected in the engine’s performance. Typically, it is due to an issue in the catalytic converter, leading to a start-up performance issue. You may notice a decrease in the accelerating power and won’t do it as quickly as before. You can start with the car exhaust repair as shortly as possible.

Gas Smell

It reveals an exhaust problem if you begin smelling gas inside the car. One of the exhaust pipes or tubes is damaged and starts to leak, and the fumes from the gas escape through any place. And more often than not, it discovers their path into the cabin of the car.

Bottom Line:

Exhaust always plays an important role in every vehicle. The above listed are some of the signs you used to know about when your car needs exhaust repairs in Wollongong or any replacement needed.

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