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6 Types Of Garage Doors That Will Perfectly Complement Your Space

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Are you looking for garage doors in Blaxland to install in your house? With many designs and styles available in the market, is it confusing for you to find the best one? Don’t stress so much. You are not the only one experiencing this. 

To make the process easy, we have prepared a list of six types of garage doors that are a perfect partner for your house. So, read it out! 

  1. Sectional Garage Doors
    One of the most common types of garage doors in Australia is the sectional one. These doors’ panel has small sections attached to each other with hinges. The door slides on a track and opens in an upward direction.
    The door track is also attached to the ceiling. When it goes up, the hinges help the section bend at the top of the opening. A fully opened door rests parallel to the roof and is supported by the track/ fixtures attached to the ceiling. 
  2. Roll-Up Garage Doors
    If you visit Australia, you’ll notice that many homes have roll-up garage doors. They give the house an aesthetic look. These doors have smaller sections than the sectional garage doors. It makes it easy to roll them on a drum at the back side of the door.
    The door is also attached to a motor which powers it to roll up or down on the track. The best part of these doors is that you don’t need to call a professional if the motor needs repair. You can do it on your own. Besides the paint on these steel doors does not flake off even in harsh weather conditions. 
  3. Swing Out Garage Doors
    Also known as hinged-out garage doors, these classical doors are made of wood, aluminum, steel, composite insulated core or fiberglass. The door has two panels/ slabs attached to the support with hinges.
    Besides, they open outward, giving you a vast space to transit in and out. Unquestionably, it’s the best pick for garages with no inside headers.  
  4. Sliding Garage Doors
    The sliding garage designs have re-emerged now after a long time. These doors are similar to sectional garage doors, but the difference is that they slide against the wall rather than the ceiling. The door comes in a wooden version. Also, you’ll see steel and Aluminum slide garage doors. A decent-colored sliding garage door adds grace to the house. 
  5. Bi-Fold Garage Doors
    Want to give your house a sleek look? Go for Bi-Fold garage doors. These doors are the best choice for low garage openings. The doors have wooden slats. They open while folding because the two slats on the same side are attached to hinges. Besides, a horizontal tract on the top and bottom slides the door.
    Most modern homeowners prefer to have aluminum bi-folds. Some houses also have wooden bi-folds, which adds more charm to the house’s overall design.  
  6. Tilt-Up Garage Doors
    The tilted garage doors were the most famous ones during the 1960s to 1970s. It’s a bit older style, but still, many Aussies have a taste for these doors. They operate with a remote and are tilted up upon opening. Modern titled doors come in steel and aluminum versions.  

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