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6 Tell-tale Signs That Your Truck Tyres Need Changing

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It may not seem like it, but the tyres are one of the most important parts of any vehicle. This importance means special attention should be paid to them, something that is especially true for trucks seeing as they are so heavy.

Paying special attention doesn’t only mean fixing your truck tyres when they get spoilt or taking them to truck tyres repair experts in Sydney when they need to be rethreaded, however. It also means knowing when they need to be taken down and replaced with another truck tyre.

In this article, we would be presenting you with 6 tell-tale signs that your truck tyre might just need to be changed. Even if the truck tyre doesn’t seem to be damaged, if it shows any of these tell-tale signs, then that is as good a sign as any that those tyres need to be replaced.

The 6 Tell-tale Signs

1.    When There is Observable Damage

Here is the one sign that should be obvious to anybody, yet it is so important, it still needs to be mentioned. If your truck tyre shows any sign of damage, any sign at all, that’s all the sign you need to get that tyre replaced right away. It doesn’t matter is the damaged tyre is brand new or if it looks manageable. If it shows signs of having been damaged, then have it replaced and get it fixed before reusing it. Doing otherwise could lead to catastrophic consequences.

2.    When the Tyre’s Lifespan Has Been Exceeded

Your truck tyre, like every other part of the truck, has a lifespan. When this lifespan is exceeded, even if there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the tyre, it is usually best to replace the tyre in order to prevent sudden tyre breakdown.

Since vehicle-use usually varies from driver to driver, tyre lifespan is usually measured in distance travelled and not years used. For most truck tyres, this life span usually ranges between 25,000 miles to 50,000 miles. When you use a truck tyre for that long, it is advised that you get it replaced.

3.    When Your Tyre Tread Starts Getting Reduced

Another obvious sign that your truck tyres need to be changed is when you start noticing your tyre threads disappearing, a result of the continuous friction between your truck tyres and the road.

Since the threads on your truck tyres essentially provide them with a grip on the ground just like the threads on your sneakers, worn-out tyre threads are a recipe for disaster. So the moment you start noticing the threads on your truck tyres disappearing, replace them with better tyres and get the worn-out ones to truck tyre repair experts near you.

4.    When the Truck Tyre Shows Signs of Bulging

Bulging tyres are yet another sign that your truck tyres might need changing. This tyre bulging is usually caused when a tyre makes a substantial impact with a porthole or curb and thereby forces air between the tyre’s inner liner and the tyre’s outer material. This bulging is dangerous and can cause your truck tyres to burst while in motion, something you obviously don’t want to happen.

5.    When You Start Sensing Too Many Vibrations

While feeling vibrations from your wheels as you drive is nothing unusual, especially in rough terrains, too many vibrations is never a good sign. One of the causes of such excessive vibrations is a bad tyre so checking your tyres whenever you notice such vibrations is always a good idea.

Your tyres are not the only potential cause of this fault, however, so it is sometimes hard to tell. Our advice is that you first change your truck tyres when you notice such vibration. If after changing those tyres these vibrations still continue, do not hesitate to contact emergency truck experts near you.

6.    When You Notice Cracks in Your Truck Tyres

Over time, cracks tend to develop in tyres. This is usually due to the gradual evaporation of oils and other such chemicals in the materials of tyres as they get continually exposed to sunlight. These cracks can be very dangerous to your tyres’ health as they can lead to a blowout while the truck is in motion, something you always want to avoid. If you ever notice any such cracks in your tyres then it might just be about time you replace that tyre and get it to a truck tyre expert in Blue Mountains.

Is your truck showing one or a combination of any of these 6 tell-tale signs? Contact a truck tyre expert near you today to get it fixed.

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