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6 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Hot Water Systems You Should Know

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Preventative maintenance involves performing regularly scheduled maintenance activities to prevent unanticipated failures in the future. It is a sure way to avoid hot water system repairs in Glenmore Park that break the bank.  

Knowing how great an inconvenience it is for your hot water system to fail, you should prioritize the following preventative maintenance tips.  

Effective Maintenance Tips for Your Hot Water Systems 

  • Drain the Tank
    Flush your hot water tank by draining the tank, stirring up the sediment, and repeating the process until the water runs clear. Turn off the incoming fresh water valve located at the top of the tank before you hook a hose to the drain valve. After refilling the tank, wait for thirty minutes before you test the system to ensure that it is still working properly.  

    This ensures that the quality of water being supplied to your home is clean and that the system itself is in good shape. Flushing the system also helps prevent more significant repairs in the future. 

  • Clean Out the Dust
    It is important to clean out the dust, debris, or dirt at the base of the heater and around the burner. It is also very important to ensure that there are no obstructions to free flow of air around the vents. 
    If the air screens on gas water heaters aren’t dusted, they may shut down. It is important to do this to curtail hot water systems repairs in Glenmore Park. 
  • Check on the Condition of the Anode Rod
    Anodes corrode slowly, although their corrosion also depends a lot on the quality of water. It is made of magnesium or zinc and performs a very crucial role for the entire system. They attract electrolytes more strongly than the rest of the hot water system, hence prolonging its lifespan. 
    You can check on its condition by fitting a hose to the tank’s drain cock to let out water. Afterward, fit a socket to the rod’s hex head and unscrew it. You know you have to buy a new one if it is less than a half-inch thick or coated with calcium. 
  • Monitor or Test the Temperature Pressure Relief Valves
    Pressure can cause serious problems for your tank, in that it can cause leaks or even blow the thing up. Temperature pressure relief valves are what protect the hot water system from too much pressure.  

    To test the valve, place a bucket under the pipe connected to the TPR valve after turning off power. If water keeps flowing out when you lift the valve’s tab, you will have to install a new one. Do this testing at least once in a year. 

  • Insulate the Pipes and Heater
    Insulation increases the water heater’s energy efficiency. It is ideal to hire a professional to insulate the hot water tank and pipes, however, if you carry out the task yourself, get ready to buy self-sticking foam pipe insulation, peel tape and cut insulating blankets.  
  • Adjust the Temperature Dial
    Adjusting the temperature dial will save you energy costs in the long run. This should be done especially when you plan to be away from home for some time. Unscrew the dial and adjust it to 120 degrees, and if you are away, to its lowest setting. 


To stay in its finest working order, your water heater, like any other appliance, requires regular preventative maintenance. Major problems within a hot water system can be quite dangerous. Call in an expert to deal with hot water systems repairs in Glenmore Park while you perform regular inspections every two months to minimize it. 

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