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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Metal Roofing

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Adding a metal coating of any kind on the surface of a metallic component is known as metal finishing. Applying a thin layer of complimentary material to the surface of metal items is how they are treated on the outside.  

Applying a procedure for cleaning, polishing, or improving metal surfaces is another name for metal finishing. From all metal roofing supplies at Central Coast, you can find various metal finish supplements. Below mentioned are the common mistakes to avoid when selecting a metal finish: 

Selecting the wrong paint system:
A paint system results from applying various coatings on metal, usually consisting of a primer and a topcoat. The paint system is designed to offer a combination of price, performance, and longevity.   

For pre-painted metal, there are three widely used paint systems. When evaluating a paint system’s applicability for a particular application, it is critical to know its many qualities. The choice of paint system can greatly impact the price, functionality, and warranty coverage of a project. 

Not reading the warranty coverage:
It is common for installers or product manufacturers to advertise a 30-year warranty under an umbrella term without fully disclosing the scope of the guarantee. Headline warranties are usually associated with finish warranties.  

Finish guarantees encompass characteristics of the paint, such as the paint’s resistance to delamination and peeling or excessive colour fading. Different finishes will have different warranties depending on the type of paint system chosen.   

Ensure you always study the coverage and exclusions of the proposed warranty and question your contractor about the warranty plan they offer. 

Not being aware of the different finish options:
Metal has evolved from the few traditional colours of the past. Today’s widely accessible colour palettes and diversity of hues are intended to work well with a range of building styles, geographical locations, and structural types.  

More finishes beyond just pure colours are now available. Examples of new finishes are textured paints, ultra-low gloss matte goods, printed patterns that imitate other finishes, and translucent resins that exhibit dynamic light interaction.  

You should find the right finishing options from all metal roofing supplies at Central Coast. You can choose the materials based on your budget. The long warranties and premium performance that have made metal a popular choice for siding and roofing are still present.  

Forgetting about the powder coat thickness:
Recall that the dimensions of the cutout must be increased on each side once the powder coat is applied. If you remember this when designing, your cutouts might need to be bigger to fit the components you are incorporating into your enclosure. 

Not understanding the impact of colour pigmentation:
Paint is coloured by pigments, which can be inorganic or organic. While inorganic pigments are metallic compounds or oxides that undergo additional processing to give better colour stability, organic pigments are usually obtained from plants. 

Organic pigments are typically brighter than inorganic colours and can give a more streamlined or unique appearance. However, organic pigments deteriorate more quickly and are less resilient to ultraviolet light, an important factor to consider when designing external buildings. 

Clear coats are an optional layer that can be placed over certain colours, particularly brilliant or exotic colours made with organic pigments, to give an additional layer of protection and fade resistance. 

Final thoughts:
These are common mistakes to avoid when selecting a metal finish. Certain errors in metal finishing can add frustration and expense to your project. You can compare several products from all metal roofing supplies at Central Coast and pick the best option. Make the appropriate decisions to ensure the success of your projects. 


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