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5 Ways That Air Conditioning Service Reduces Your Energy Costs

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Are you fed up with hefty bills during the summer season? As the AC goes on for longer periods to keep you comfortable in this scorching heat, the energy costs are probably not letting you cool down.

We all know that air conditioners contribute to almost 65 percent of your total bills. And studies have shown that if the air conditioners are not maintained properly with regular services, they can lose up to 5% of their energy efficiency every year!

This means that as your air conditioner’s efficiency goes down every year your bills will go higher and higher.

Air conditioners available on the market are energy efficient and have smart technologies to ensure better cooling control. Even then, households that use air conditioning 24 hours a day in the summer end up paying hefty energy bills.

Maintaining your air conditioners and having a regular schedule for air conditioning service in Springwood can help maintain 95% of the air conditioner’s original efficiency.

We’ve compiled for you some air conditioning services and effective tips to reduce your air conditioning bill in the summer and maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

  • Cleaning the Air Filters: 

As the name suggests, air filters ensure that the cool air that flows into your room is pure from any dirt and grime. But, during the process, they accumulate a lot of dirt and get clogged. This obstructs the airflow from the air conditioner’s vent causing it to use extra force to push the air out. Consequently, you see a rise in the monthly bill due to the increased energy usage.

Cleaning up the air filters and changing them from time to time can significantly bring down the energy costs. Some say that a clean air filter can cut down energy consumption by 5-15%.

  • Cleaning The Air Conditioner Coil

Air conditioner’s coils can also gather dust from the surroundings over the months and years. The dirt accumulated over the coil can hamper the coil’s ability to absorb the heat from its surroundings, and therefore makes it partially dysfunctional.

As a result, the air conditioner keeps on running for longer periods to cool down your surroundings. This increases the air conditioner’s energy consumption and your bills as a result.

Get rid of this problem by getting your HVAC system checked and serviced by a professional.

  • Eliminating Heat Loss:

Unwanted entry of heat is a major reason for high utility bills for cooling. One thing to look for is if there’s a gap between the AC’s metal frame and the window where the AC is placed. In case of any gaps, the cool air can escape out of the room bringing the temperature up. Consequently, your air conditioner has to put up more work to reduce the temperature.

Contact an air conditioning service in Springwood to deal with this problem and reduce the amount you spend on electric bills.

  • Using A Programmable Thermostat:

A programmable thermostat is carefully designed to use as low energy as possible when using the air conditioner. The thermostat adjusts the AC’s temperature depending upon the people in the room.

So, your AC is not running when no one is around, cutting down the energy cost.

  • Regular Service Means Lesser Repair Costs

Another rule of thumb to reduce energy costs is to maintain the air conditioner. Getting regular service for your air conditioner and replacing the worn-out parts or fixing them would make the air conditioner work efficiently. In turn, the air conditioner would use less electricity.

Want to reduce the air conditioning cost? Call us now and avail good quality air conditioning service in Springwood.


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