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5 Types of Scrap Metal You Can Recycle for Cash in St.Marys

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Have you decided to recycle scrap metal at St.Marys but are not sure what type of metals are recyclable? If that’s the case, then don’t you worry! We’re here to cover you up. This article contains all the related information about five types of metals you can use as scrap for the cash in St.Mary’s. 

Various metals are recyclable, and many industries accept those metals to help you earn some extra pennies. 

So, if you’re willing to have some rise in your bank account, then keep on reading this blog:  

Primary Classification Of Metals That Are Good Value For Money:

If you’re just starting, scrap metal recycling can confuse you. However, we’ve tried to simplify the whole thing for our readers.  

Scrap metals are usually classified into two classes these classes are:  

  • Ferrous metals 

  • Non-ferrous metals 

Let’s talk about these classes first:  

  1. Ferrous Metals: It is the most commonly recyclable scrap metal. To identify the ferrous metal, you can simply use a piece of magnet. If the magnet attracts, the metal falls in the ferrous class. 
    Ferrous metals are simply made up of steel or iron. That’s why a magnet attracts them. In some cases, they are not pure iron or steel but contain some proportion of i. Therefore magnetic tricks always work
    Some common examples of ferrous metal objects commonly found in homes are refrigerators, iron pans, ovens, skillets and more.  

  1. Non-Ferrous Metals: As the name suggests, non-ferrous metals do not contain (iron) ferrous, which is why they do not attract nets. Also, these metals are more resistant to corrosion and rust to their non-ferric properties. Therefore, they are used in buildings, houses, sewerage lines etc. 

Non-ferrous metals are usually lightweight yet sturdy. Many different non-ferrous metals are commonly used in household items and other objects that can be used as scrap metals. 

The most common examples of these metals are zinc, brass, alloy, aluminium, tin, lead etc.  

Metals That Can Be Use To Earn Some Cash:  

Other than this classification, there are different other metals that you can use as scrap metals at St.Mary.Here we have demonstrated those which can be recycled to earn some solid cash if you’re living in St.Mary.  

  1. Copper: You can simply cash the scrap copper. It is the most used metal in construction, plumbing, household items, writing, electrical appliances, etc. So, if you’ve any dumped items, it’s time to earn some cash by recycling some of the copper from them.  

  1. Lead: So, lead falls into the non-ferrous class and is valuable to money metal in recyclable scrap. It takes a lot of energy and time to mine lead ores, which is why most producers prefer purchasing the recycled lead. On the other hand, recycling industries also look out for scrap lead in return for a good amount of money. However, if you’re recycling it yourself, then be careful during the process, as information is highly toxic and reactive.  

  1. Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is composed of 10% chromium out than other ferrous metals. This composition makes it more rust-resistant and allows it to produce a sheen that everyone usually loves. You can also find stainless steel in sinks, surgical instruments, cookware and some parts of vehicles. Industries offer a good amount of money in return for the quality of stainless steel. So, don’t let go of this opportunity if you think you have some.  

  1. Cast Iron: We are sure you may have used or at least seen cast iron pans, skillets in your Kitchen, or maybe someone else! Well, the point is that these cast iron pans are one of the heaviest metals and are usually sold at some reasonable price points. On the other hand, you can quickly get these cast iron from bathtubs or some other household items if you are looking to get your hands on scrap metals. 

  1. Aluminium: Last but not least, Aluminium! The most commonly used scrap metal St.Mary. Not only is it not widely known, but it is also the most frequently found metal. You can find aluminium in soda cans, window frames, foil wraps and several others. Aluminium is sturdy and rust-proof metal, making it more valuable and giving you a chance at a solid amount. 

So, these are some of the common metals that you can use as a recycling scrap metal in St.Mary for some cash. But, if you’ve read till here, we have a treat for you! Here are some bonus metals which you can recycle for some money: 

Bonus Metals: 

  1. Carbide:
    Carbide is also an excellent option for recycling metals. You can simply find them in tools like drill bits and others. So, if you have a bag full of tools that are no longer in use, then it’s time to earn a good amount from it.  

  1. Tins:
    Tins are not the most commonly found item in many households as it is majorly used for protective covering over copper and other metals. However, tin has a high temperature-bearing property; therefore, you can also find it in cookware or baking dishes. So, what are you thinking? Take out the dump of your old baking dishes and just recycle them to save some money.  


Metal recycling is a trendy process most commonly used to save time, energy, and natural resources. However, it is not just profitable for the environment but you too. You can sell these metals to the recycling industry and earn some good cash. 

We’ve mentioned some common scrap metals you can recycle to earn cash living in St.Mary. Do let us know if this article serves the purpose or not.  

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.

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