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5 Tips for maintaining your Garage Roller Door

Garage doors that are incrementally faltering are burdensome, raucous, and tricky to open and shut. One of the most critical aspects to remain vigilant on is the rollers. In addition to being one of the largest moving parts in your entire home, the garage door is used multiple times each day at any time and in all weather conditions. Consistent maintenance can help your garage door last for years. 

Performing regular preventive care and maintenance is paramount to ensuring that your garage door continues to operate smoothly for many decades to come. In order to prolong the life of your garage roller doors, you should pay attention to their maintenance. As long as nothing appears to be wrong, you don’t need to check them constantly—once or twice a year is sufficient. Squeaky noises or a door that won’t shut catch your attention, but by the time you’ve reached that point, you may have to call a technician. Our professionals at Southern Garage Doors are ready to assist you with all your repair and maintenance needs. 

Applying these five maintenance and efficiency strategies can prolong the life of your door and help maintain your peace of mind.  

Test the Garage Door Balance 

Having a garage door that isn’t balanced properly places extra strain on the opener, which over time reduces its efficiency. Manually raise the garage door halfway and disconnect the garage door opener to check the balance.  

The red cord hanging from the opener system can be used for this purpose. It could be a sign that the counterweight system springs are out of balance if the garage door doesn’t stay put. The springs will need to be adjusted by your local garage door service provider in Eurobodalla. 

Lubricate the door’s moving parts 

Lubricating mechanical parts on a regular basis is critical for keeping them operating smoothly and preventing wear and tear. Moreover, household lubricating oil is enough to lubricate the rollers. 

If your garage door opener has a chain or screw, use white lithium grease, while the overhead springs can be lubricated with a spray lubricant available from your local garage door specialist. 

Inspect and replace the Roller 

Rollers are an integral part of garage roller doors. If you use your garage roller door frequently, it’s very important to have them inspected every few years, regardless of whether they’re made of nylon or steel. If somehow the rollers are scuffed, misaligned, or crumbled, they must be repaired immediately.  

Styled, flaked, or ruptured rollers should be modified as soon as possible. Eliminate and reinstall any roller brackets that are not intimately linked to the cable system. 

Clean the Tracks 

It is advisable to inspect and clean the garage door tracks every year. Dirt and dust will accumulate on gritty roller tracks over time, which will prevent rollers from rolling smoothly on them. 

Use multiple rags, warm water, and detergent to clean the garage door tracks. A clear spray lubricant can be lightly sprayed once the device is clean. 

Test the Door’s Auto-Reverse Features 

Mechanics of garage doors rely heavily on garage door sensors. A garage door sensor can be either a photocell or a mechanical sensor. Test the mechanical system by blocking the path of the door with a brick or a piece of wood. As soon as the door touches the object, it should reverse direction immediately.  

A second reverse feature of modern door openers is a photoelectric system that detects people walking underneath the door. When you are ready to test this feature, activate the door and step directly underneath its path for a few seconds. 


Regular garage door maintenance can help your garage door last longer. Some garage door maintenance services should only be performed by trained garage door technicians; therefore, before attempting any, consult your garage door owner’s manual. If you require professional services, Southern Garage Doors is here to help. We offer expertise in the repair and maintenance of roller doors of all shapes and sizes. 

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website. 

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