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5 think you should check before enrolling your child in a daycare

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Choosing a Daycare in Dural for your children can be a very difficult process. Leaving your child at daycare can be hard, but you must have to go to work.  

But it can be hard for you to decide because all the parents are concerned about their child’s safety.  

So, in this blog post, we will tell you some important things you should look for before enrolling your child at the daycare. 

Ask About Their Licensed: 

This is the most important question you should ask in the first meeting. The daycare center should be licensed by the state in which it operates.  

You can usually find this information on the daycare’s website, or you can call and ask.  If the center is not licensed, that’s a huge red flag, and you should not enroll your child there.  

Licensed daycare centers have to meet certain state guidelines, which means they’re safer and more reputable than unlicensed facilities. 

Ask About Kids Nap: 

If your child is spending a significant part of the day at the Daycare in Dural, it’s important to know the nap policy.  

Some daycares have set times when all the kid’s nap, while others let the kids sleep when they’re tired. Both approaches have advantages and drawbacks, so you’ll want to decide what’s best for your child.  

For example, if your child is a light sleeper, a set nap time might not work well. On the other hand, if your child is an early riser, they might need an afternoon nap to make it through the day. 

Some daycares don’t allow any naps at all. If this is the issue, you will want to ensure plenty of other activities for the kids to do so they’re not just sitting around and getting bored. 

Inquire About The Staff’s Training: 

It’s important to know what kind of training the staff has. The staff should be trained, and they should have up-to-date certification.  

The staff’s qualifications will vary from state to state, so you’ll need to check and see what the requirements are in your area.  

But in general, you should feel confident that the staff is well-trained and capable of taking care of your child. 

Check The Facility’s Safety Procedures: 

Of course, you’ll want to make sure a daycare center is a safe place for your child. Ask about the facility’s safety procedures, such as handling fires and other emergencies. 

Find out if security cameras are on the premises and whether or not the doors are locked during operating hours.  

Also, ask about the staff’s background checks. You should feel confident that your child is in good hands while at the Daycare in Dural. 

Ask About The Kid’s Food 

For many parents, food is the main problem. Parents worry about food a lot if their child has dietary restrictions or is very picky about what they eat. 

You will need to ask the staff specific questions about food based on your child’s needs. 

But in general, you should inquire about mealtimes and snacks. When do they eat? What kind of food do they serve? Are they allowed to take some food or snacks from home?  

This is often the problem with younger kids who might need an extra snack or two during the day. 


So now you know all the factors which you should consider before enrolling your child in daycare. Choose the best Daycare in Dural like Wiggles & Giggles for your child because they will be able to learn different things there, which will help them in the future. 

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