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5 things to remember when getting air conditioning repairs in Springwood

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A reliable air conditioning system provides good indoor air quality and a comfortable temperature. Springwood is situated approximately 370 m above sea level, so most Heating, ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems run pretty well at that altitude. HVAC is an integral part of homes, apartments, and senior living facilities. More extensive set-ups like hotels have large outdoor units and a system of ducts and blowers to rooms and halls. 

However, given the increased frequency of use during the hot summer months, your air conditioning unit is likely to fail at least. But before deciding whether to replace the entire unit, carry out the following five steps to see whether professional Air Conditioning Repairs in Springwood could solve the problem instead: 

  1. Check your electrical power supply before anything else.
  • If all indicator lights are visible, your power supply to the AC Unit is operational. Typically, power outages during the night are easy to notice. However, outages during the daytime may not be immediately visible. Hence check your desk lamps or other devices for available power. Your AC Unit will likely work when the power is restored in your area. 
  • If the other equipment and devices show an available power supply, locate and check the circuit breaker to which the AC Unit is connected. 
  • If the indoor Unit is operational but has no cooling, then check if the outdoor Unit has power. Most outdoor units have a disconnect switch. Check that!
  1. Check the AC Units Remote (AKA Thermostat) 
  • Check the battery in your remote! Often, a weak or dead battery in the AC Unit’s Remote leads one to suspect the AC Unit, while the answer is simply a change with fresh batteries.  
  • Next, check the thermostat’s settings to ensure the device is set to COOL and not set to “heat,” “vent,” or even “off.”  
  • Set the thermostat to either 25C or 26C for optimum cost-effective room air conditioning. 
  • If your AC does not respond to the remote at all, you might need to look for professional Air Conditioning Repairs in Springwood.
  1. Check the Air Filters in the Indoor Unit.
  • A dirty, clogged filter won’t usually be the kind of thing that’s a complete make-or-break for an AC, but it can reduce its cooling efficiency. Some air conditioners turn off if the airflow is blocked. Others will keep running, but much of the cool air won’t make it to the rooms of your home. 
  • Air filters typically need to be changed every one to three months, but this will vary based on the filter type and your indoor air quality. If your filter looks dirty or it’s been more than a month since you changed it, try putting a fresh filter in to see if that helps boost your AC’s cooling power. 
  • Several manufacturers also use washable air filters. In such cases, remove the filter, gently wash under a running tap and use a soft brush to dislodge any sticky debris. Dry and reinsert into the indoor unit. 
  • Remember, regularly clean or replace AC Unit air filters. Once filters get clogged and dirty, they reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner and result in your air conditioner consuming up to 15%-20% more energy.
  1. Check the Vents on the Indoor Unit.
  • Sometimes, the AC Unit seems to be operating, yet the room or house won’t cool. One reason could be blocked vents! 
  • Check and remove any obstruction to the vents of the indoor Unit. Ensure a clear and adequate airflow. You should also check to ensure the ducts are in the “open” position. 
  • For best results, set the fan to medium with the indoor vents set to swing mode.
  1. Check the Condenser (AKA Outdoor) Unit.
  • The condenser is part of the split AC system, often called the outdoor air conditioner. The outdoor AC unit looks covered in vents and makes a humming noise during operation.  
  • The thin vents protect the sensitive coils of the condenser. This Unit may heat up or not operate as it should if ducts are choked with dust, foliage, or obstructed airflow. So, check around your condenser, clear away debris, and remove any plants growing up against it. This check is essential considering the abundant foliage in Springwood most of the year. 
  • In case of deep-rooted blockage, do not use a hosepipe to wash down the outdoor Unit, especially if the AC Unit is an Inverter-type device or you may short-circuit the costly controller cards. You will need professional Air Conditioning Services.

Finally, remember that to help you reduce energy bills and stay environmentally friendly, ensure you keep your air conditioning system clean and properly operational. And if any of the five points listed above pose a problem, CALL AN EXPERIENCED SERVICE TECHNICIAN for your Air Conditioning Repairs in Springwood like Penrith Air Supply. 


Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website. 


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