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5 Signs Your Water Heater Needs a Plumber’s Attention

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Water heaters don’t always break down, but the results can be catastrophic when they do. The problem is that water-related issues become apparent once the damage has accumulated and requires the attention of a professional. Therefore, here we discuss five signs indicating whether your water heating systems need the attention of a professional plumber in Orchard Hills.

Reduced pressure in the hot water 

Water pressure, in general, is a good sign of a blockage or a buildup of deposits within the pipes (usually in the joints). Mineral deposits can significantly impede water flow in water heating systems, especially those with built-in storage where water pressure is a problem. You should get a qualified plumber in Orchard Hills to inspect the hot water system as soon as you experience a pressure drop and avoid worsening the situation.

Fluctuation in water temperature 

If you feel the hot water temperature changes too frequently, especially during use, it is a sign that your water heater needs attention. Usually, the problem lies with a malfunctioning pressure-balancing valve which is the device that ensures a mix of hot and cold water per your requirements. So if your water pressure keeps changing unprompted, call in a plumber to check the pressure balancing valve. On the other hand, the fluctuating water temperature could be caused by sudden changes in the demand for hot water. If this happens too often, consider talking to a plumber about installing a separate system for different areas of the house.

Cloudy, rusty or foul-smelling water 

Cloudy water in the hot water faucet implies sediment in your hot water pipes or, if you have a storage-based heating system, in the hot water tank. Similarly, a strange odour in hot water lines indicates the presence of bacteria (usually the sulphur-eating variety commonly found in untreated groundwater). You can quickly deal with this bacteria by adding chlorine to your storage tanks. However, contact a qualified plumber in Orchard Hills to inspect your property, recommend the appropriate ratios, and avoid mishaps.

Odd sounds coming from the water heater 

Water heaters sometimes make noise, as changing water temperatures can cause pipes to contract and expand unexpectedly. However, if the noise becomes frequent, it could indicate a problem with the check valves. Restricted or jammed check valves force water to squeeze through a narrow opening, building pressure and causing a high-pitched screaming sound.

On the other hand, crackling sounds are typical in malfunctioning electric water heaters. The sound indicates the presence of water around the circuits, which, if left unattended, can cause a short circuit. If your water heater makes these sounds, immediately unplug the device and contact a professional. Furthermore, although less common, if your water heater uses gas or oil rather than electricity, the crackling sound is more likely borne of moisture build-up around the burner. Call a professional plumber in Orchard Hills to check if there is water pooling inside the burner housing.

It’s Been over a Year 

Lastly, if your water heater has not been serviced in more than a year, it is a good idea to call a plumber and inspect your water heater systems. As mentioned, sediment and lime-scale deposits can build up over time. These deposits can cause blockages and interfere with the heating elements. Furthermore, these blockages can eventually lead to burst pipes which can have catastrophic consequences.

To summarise, if you notice your water heater behaving abnormally, there is a good chance that there is an underlying issue you can’t see. So contact a professional plumber in Orchard Hills to inspect the problem and leave nothing to chance! 

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