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5 Reasons You Should Be Using Corrugated Metal Pipes

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Pipes are a very important part of any drainage system. The kind of pipe used significantly affects everything from the quality of the drainage system to how effectively it channels water and sewage. This is why construction workers pay close attention to the kinds of pipes they use for their projects.  

Corrugated metal pipes are one of the most used pipes in the drainage business. Finding use in both industrial, municipal, and domestic settings, they are the kings of drainage pipes.  

Here are 5 reasons for you to consider corrugated metal pipes: 

  1. Flexibility
    This is probably the most noticeable thing about corrugated pipes. Highly flexible, these metal pipes are the perfect choice for projects that require both flexibility and durability. The flexibility of these pipes makes them appropriate for projects like storm drain construction and underground piping. 
  2. Strength
    Corrugated metal pipes are solidly built and incredibly strong. These pipes can be up to 1.5 times the compression strength of regular pipes, making them a lot more durable than those alternatives in the market. This strength means you get a pipe that is able to withstand more fluid pressure and is less likely to burst under strain. 
  3. Ease of Transportation
    One of the most overlooked parts of choosing pipes is their ease of transportation. All other things being equal, the easier a pipe is to transport, the better it is. Corrugated metal pipes, despite their strength, are actually incredibly light. This makes transporting them much easier, something that is sure to make your projects much easier. 
  4. Ease of Installation
    Ease of installation is another overlooked property of pipes, and once again, corrugated pipes succeed here too. Being light and easy to transport, installing these pipes is much easier than most other alternatives. This is further improved by the fact that these pipes come in short, fixed lengths which can then be increased by simply joining smaller pieces end-to-end. 
  5. Low maintenance
    Another added advantage of these pipes is their low maintenance. As long as there is no massive damage to the pipes, they would serve you a very long time; however, if you line your pipes with structural polymeric linings it would go a long way to preventing damages and reducing or completely eliminating the need for constant maintenance. 

Final Thoughts 

Although these pipes are incredibly useful, it’s important to note some of the underlying issues they may come with, especially when working with pipes laid underneath the ground.  

The corrugated metal pipes might suffer from voids which are spaces between the pipes and the soil, they also have a problem with open joints which is the area of unwanted spaces in the joining between two different pipes. 

Engineers have found a way to fix inlaid pipes without having to unearth and this is done using the latest technology and a technique called the trenchless repair method, whereby damages to pipes are fixed from the inside.  

Corrugated metal pipes are incredibly important for a complete city structure where everything functions properly. It is also a crucial factor in any home, and with the introduction of trenchless repair methods as a solution to damages to corrugated metal pipes, we are certain that these pipes would last longer and serve better. 

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