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5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Venetian Blinds in Penrith 

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Adding Venetian blinds to your home is a great way to improve its aesthetic value. Venetian blinds are modern and durable. In addition, they let you control how much light comes into a room without giving up your privacy.

Since they come in so many colors and materials, Venetian blinds can match the style of any room. As a result, Venetian blinds are the ideal addition to any home since they look great, keep the house cool and dark during the winter, and keep intruders out during the summer.

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Venetian Blinds

Here are some reasons why you should buy Venetian blinds. Well, we’ve thought of five, and we’ll examine them in this most recent blog post. Because of their sophistication and beauty, Venetian blinds are the best option for covering windows. They were used in Persia (now Iran), then fell out of favor for a while before resurfacing in Europe as Venetian blinds. The name comes from the merchants that sold them and were based in Venice (which makes sense). They became popular in the 18th century and have remained so ever since.

  • Light and privacy are both easily managed with Venetian blinds.
    Since the height and angle of the slats can be changed, Venetian blinds give you the most control over how much light comes in. In addition, the blinds may be moved in real-time to block some light while allowing precise airflow through on scorching days.
    When completely closed, they prevent anyone from peering in. When completely opened, they fold away to provide a full view of the window and the outside.

  • Your home’s decor can benefit from the addition of Venetian blinds.
    Riverland Blinds specializes in making custom Venetian blinds that are sure to add a splash of color to any space. At the consultation, your fitter will go over all the available alternatives with you, and you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of materials and colors.
    All of our blinds are custom-made to order, so you can choose the color and material you want, and rest assured that they will fit your windows exactly. We carry a variety of blinds, including traditional original wooden blinds, modern metal Venetian blinds, and a wide variety of colored Venetian blinds to match your decor.
    We’re here to help you find the blind solution that’s right for you, whether you’re looking for a bold blue or purple, a sophisticated grey or black, a warm and inviting rose gold or blush, or any of the other dozens of colors available. So call us right away to schedule your appointment!

  • Venetian Blinds are an Effective Insulation Measure for Houses.
    Since few insulators are more effective than a layer of air, the idea behind putting on a coat or using a hollow wall to boost insulation in cold areas is based on this assumption. Likewise, when closed, Venetian blinds can work like a door or window screen by making a barrier that lets air pass through but traps it behind it.
    Your Venetian blinds can help keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer by limiting heat transfer via your windows. Windows are typically a weak area in insulation, so this is a massive help because windows are typically a poor spot in insulation. You can easily modify this effect by adjusting the angle of the blinds to either allow or limit the flow of air, depending on your preferences.
    On scorching days, you can even close the window and tilt the blinds to block the sunshine while allowing the breeze to come in. This will keep the room cooler. Perfect! 

  • It is simple to maintain the excellent condition of Venetian Blinds.
    Durable and straightforward clean makes Venetian Blinds an excellent choice for any household. They are not only easy to clean with a damp cloth, which is a significant benefit in rooms where liquids are likely to be spilled, but they are also more resistant to moisture and steam than fabric blinds are likely to be. This makes them an excellent option for use in the kitchen and the bathroom.

  • A wide range of hues and different kinds of material
    If you want to add a splash of color to a space, Venetian blinds are a great option because they do not have to be neutral, and there is a vast range of colors available. Some favor the classic appearance of hardwood blinds or the modern style of aluminum in silver. Still, you can also select blinds in vibrant colors like blue, red, green, or rose gold for a more upscale appearance. 

Get in touch with the knowledgeable staff at Riverland Blinds of all kinds if you live in the Penrith area and are interested in purchasing Venetian blinds for your house. We are happy to be able to offer made-to-measure blinds that can be used in any room and come in a wide range of colors to match your other furniture. In addition, we can make hardwood Venetian blinds, which have a more classic and traditional appearance, and Venetian metal blinds, which have a more contemporary appearance. Do not be reluctant to give us a call or get in touch with us over the internet if you have any questions regarding any of the blind styles that we provide. 

Frequently asked questions 

What are the most significant advantages that Venetian blinds offer? 

Not only will Venetian blinds complement the decor of your space, but they are also long-lasting, protect your furnishings from sunshine, efficiently insulate your home, and boost your levels of security, making them the ideal addition to any home. In addition to that, they are simple to clean. is

What kinds of Venetian blinds do you have in stock for customers? 

We have various modern blinds in different finishes, such as high gloss, embossed wood, and aluminum. In addition, these blinds are available in multiple colors, including white, black, and cream, and light and dark woods.

I want to put a Venetian blind on my rear door. Is it possible? 

Yes, you can. Roller blinds or Venetian blinds would be the optimal choice in this situation. Allow an extra width of 2.5 centimeters on either side of the glass to reduce the roller width’s size, which would otherwise hinder the opening of your door. Since a Venetian blind is closer to the door, it only needs about one centimeter more space on either side of the window to give you privacy.

I have a window that tilts and turns. What is the most suitable sort of blind for my window? 

The Venetian blind is the most helpful kind of blind, and it will let your tilt-and-turn window work as well as it can. First, install the blind, so it sits at the top of the opening frame, and measure its width to where it meets the handle. 


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