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5 Reasons Why you Need Concrete Driveways

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Driveways are a very important part of an establishment. This is especially so if the property is adjoining a busy road, or if it would be housing more than one vehicle. Not only do they improve the look of the property, but they also increase the value. 

While having a driveway is always a plus, not all driveways are made equal. Some are affordable and low-maintenance while others are more aesthetically pleasing but expensive. Thankfully, you don’t always have to choose between affordability and aesthetics. With concrete driveways in Newcastle, you can get the best of both worlds. 

5 Benefits of Having a Concrete Driveway in Newcastle 

  1. Durability
    Concrete is one of the most favoured materials for road and driveway construction. It has done well to earn this reputation. Highly durable and requiring very low maintenance, it is an ideal material for paving long-lasting surfaces.
    This property of concrete to create such durable structures is due to the many materials from which it is made. Things like cement, a variety of aggregate stones, and a mixture of lime-based binders are some of the many important contributors to this fact. They all give the concrete its rough and sturdy nature that’s ideal for any driveway. 
  2. Aesthetics 
    On top of being durable, concrete driveways also give your property that extra aesthetic appeal we all love. In this regard, there are a variety of options to choose from.
    Do you prefer a driveway with a beautiful texture? Exposed Aggregate Driveways are a great option for you. Do you consider your property a temporary one; a property you will be selling in a little while? If so, you might want to choose a concrete driveway known for improving property value. In that case, you can go with Poured Driveways. 
  3. Ease of Maintenance
    When it comes to maintenance, concrete driveways are probably the best you could ever ask for. All it takes to clean these driveways is just a pressure hose and a bristle brush.
    For an even longer-lasting driveway, it helps to apply a concrete sealer at least once a year. Doing this helps protect your concrete driveway from absorbing moisture which can weaken the structure in the future and thereby facilitate its deterioration.
    Sealing your concrete driveway also helps protect it from harsh weather conditions. It serves as a layer of protection that would easily repel the heat during summers, and withstand the cold weather during winter.  
  4. Increased Value
    Concrete driveways in Newcastle have been known to increase the value of properties. This comes in handy if you are considering selling your property in the future as property buyers tend to value properties with driveways a lot more than those without. And since concrete driveways are one of the most valued types of driveways, you are sure to get a better deal with this driveway than most others. It might cost you, but you can be assured of getting a great return on investment. 
  5. Load Bearing
    One of the major functions of a driveway is to hold the weight of vehicles. A driveway that fails at this is a terrible one. Concrete driveways excel in this, being able to handle heavier loads than most other types of driveways. The rigid property of concrete makes these driveways able to withstand quite an impressive amount of weight for long periods without getting deformed or damaged.
    So even if you own a monster truck or have a tipper truck drive-in, you can always count on the sturdiness of your concrete. Apply a concrete sealer to your concrete driveway in Newcastle and you can take its load-bearing properties to even greater heights. 

There are quite a number of benefits to choosing concrete driveways. These benefits can only be truly enjoyed when you have the right experts on the job, though. Looking to get concrete driveways done in Newcastle? Take care to choose an expert to get the job done for you. Anything less might just reduce the quality of the driveway you get.  

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