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5 Common Garage Door Problems and What to Do About Them

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If you have a garage in your St Marys home, you should be well aware of typical garage door issues. If you’ve noticed it’s operating more slowly than usual, producing a lot of noise, or looking uneven, you might have fixed it yourself. But there are some needs for Garage Doors Repair in St Marys that need expert care instead of DIYs. This article outlines some common fixes for garage door problems and tells you when you should seek garage door repair professionals in St Marys.  

Trouble opening or closing
Nothing is worse than being trapped behind the garage door, and your garage should make your life easier. 

Test it out: It’s possible that your garage door isn’t working because it’s out of balance. It is balanced and on pace if the door remains in place while you try to lift it. If you’ve checked all the batteries, you might have a blown fuse if your garage door still won’t move. 

Contact a specialist to do garage door repair if you’ve tried these simple checks and your door is still not opening or shutting. 

Dying opener
Every time you need to use your garage, you need to use your garage door opener. If your opener is many years older, it has probably outlived its usefulness. 

Update and replace: In order to troubleshoot a garage door opener, check the batteries, approach the garage, and clear the antenna’s path. If your opener is still giving you problems, a dying motor is probably to blame. 

In order to avoid hurting someone or damaging your door, you should always contact professionals for Garage Doors Repair in St Marys. 

Uneven door
You may occasionally notice that your garage door is acting strangely or moving unevenly. There are a few things to look into in this scenario: 

Fix alignment: Make sure you have cleared all obstructions from the garage door’s path because sometimes an unbalanced door is caused by anything blocking the route. 

One side of your door may move more quickly than the other due to rust. Sometimes, a thorough wipe-down will take care of this problem. Contact a specialist and restrict garage door usage if the issue is with the spring system. 

Slow opening
There are several reasons why garage doors could open slowly, and they can easily be a source of aggravation. 

Clean and lubricate: To make sure your door rollers aren’t dried out, you should inspect them. You should also assess the state of your tracks. You must clean them off if you see a lot of dirt. 

Keep your garage door rollers and tracks well-lubricated to keep them operating smoothly. In locations with exceptionally hot or cold weather, these sections are more prone to drying out more quickly. 

Broken springs
Your garage door may drop or fall unexpectedly if the extension or torsion springs fail. 

Buy new springs: Your garage door’s springs will tap out after a certain number of cycles, which will eventually result in their failure. A garage door repair specialist can replace your springs if necessary if you keep their lifespan in mind. If your garage door’s springs fail while it’s being used, it could crash down and harm someone else or damage your car. 

Final thoughts
Even though some garage door issues can be fixed on your own, it is safe and effective to call experts for Garage Doors Repair in St Marys. Your garage will serve you quickly and safely if you use doors of the finest quality.   


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