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5 common Flooring Mistakes That Can Cost You A Lot

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Are you planning a change in the flooring of your house? Well! You are in the right place then. Many people in Australia keep on giving a fresh and different look to their homes by changing the flooring quite often.  

 But do you know that there are some common flooring mistakes that you guys often make? Don’t worry! In this blog, we’ve discussed some of the common flooring problems, tips, and one of the best flooring services in Wollongong. Let’s get started! 

  1. Not Cleaning The Subfloor Yes, one of the biggest mistakes you make while installing a floor is not caring much about the subfloor. Sometimes it’s dusty, wet, or contaminated. Installing the floor on such a subfloor is just like wasting your money. And we know you don’t want it to happen.  Therefore, before you go with flooring, ensure that the subfloor is free of dust, mold, or any other thing that can affect the flooring in the future. 
  2. Ignoring The Moisture Level If you want wooden flooring, the moisture level then becomes a crucial factor to know about. Wooden floors handle moisture at a certain range. For instance, for a hardwood floor, the ideal moisture level is between 30% and 55%. Now your next question will be what does it mean? Let’s explain it to you. Suppose you are planning to install a hardwood floor. You must keep the moisture level between the above-mentioned values. If it’s less than 30%, the chances of cracks in the floor increase many folds. Likewise, if the level is above 55%, the floor will swell and curve out.
    If this happens to your wooden floor, imagine how badly it will affect the overall look of the house. So, you must be very careful when it comes to checking moisture. And yes!! Don’t hire DIY installers as they know nothing about the problem. Always go for professional flooring services in Wollongong.  
  3. Installing On Uneven Subfloor The next mistake that you guys make is not leveling the subfloor.  Before you go ahead check if the subfloor is leveled. If yes, you are good to go with the installation. But if the surface is uneven, what should you do?
    Of course, you have to level it up. If the subfloor is made of wooden material, line it up with at least an 8 mm thick plywood sheet. On the other hand, for the concrete subfloor, pour the leveling material on uneven areas and allow it to dry. Install wooden flooring afterward.  It will prevent the planks from cracking if you walk on them.  
  4. Not Giving Enough Acclimation Time
    Did you give enough time to the wooden planks to acclimatize to the environment before using them? No? Then, wells or shrinks would be quite obvious on your flooring.
    Well! Wooden planks need at least two weeks to get used to the moisture levels and the environment where you want to install them. You must give this much time to them to avoid financial losses. 
  5. Not Placing Cracking Isolation Membrane 
    In the case of tile installation, it’s never a good idea to skip the cracking isolation membrane. Many people install tiles directly on concrete. It shrinks during curing, putting stress on the tiles as well. And you know what’s the result?

    Cracks, cracks, and cracks everywhere on the floor. Therefore, first layer down the cracking isolation membrane and then go for tiling.  

Bonus Tips 

Installation of flooring is still easy but keeping it in good condition is a challenging job. A minor mistake and all your money go in vain. That’s why we thought to share a few effective maintenance tips with you. Read them out! 

  1. Clean the floor regularly. 
  2. Don’t use a wet mop on the wooden flooring. Instead buy a good quality wooden floor cleaning kit.  
  3. Give enough curing time to concrete floors. 
  4. Call the professional for maintenance at least once or twice a year. 

Call The Pros! 

If you are planning to get the wooden flooring done, don’t hire DIY installers or take the matter into your hands. Rather, call B and D Carpet Galore.  We provide complete flooring services in Wollongong ranging from planning and design to installation. Our professional support, decorating tips, and maintenance advice is always open to you. So, call us right now and enjoy the magical transformation of your house! 


Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website. 

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