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4 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Unclog a Drain

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Is your kitchen drain clogged or the problem is with the bathroom sink? Clogged drains are a common problem worldwide and there’s nothing bad in admitting it. 

The important thing is the solution. Yes! Have you ever thought of sorting the problem out without spending money on a plumber? Well! If not, start thinking right now because we’ve come up with absolutely easy ways to unclog the nastiest drain. Let’s just dive in! 

  1. Your Cupboard Has a secret Tool to Unclog the Drain
    Have you ever thought that the solution to your drainage problem is inside your cupboard?  Yes!! We guessed it right. We are talking about the wire-coated hangers that you organize your clothes on.
    Take the hanger out, unwound it from its neck, and straighten it to a wire. Next, you have to bend the wire from one end to make a hook. Your tool is ready to go into the drain. Once in, don’t force the debris/ junk present in the drain to go down. Rather pull the yuck up and discard it. Now, open the tap, and ta daaa! You have unclogged the drain. The water is going down straight away!
  2. Make Your Own Blocked Drains Richmond Cleaners
    The next pretty cool thing that you can do is make your DIY cleaner. Here’s what you need:

    Baking soda
    Kettle or a saucepan

    So let’s start.

    Cleaner # 1 Baking Soda and Vinegar
    Take ⅓ cup of baking soda and take the same amount of vinegar in another cup. Now, mix the two in a separate container. As it starts fizzing, pour the mixture into the drain. Leave it for 30 minutes or overnight, if you don’t urgently need to use the sink.

    Baking soda and vinegar are one of the most effective DIY cleaners. It dissolves the nastiest block in your drains. Give it a try for shocking results.

    Cleaner # 2 The Magic Of Salt, Baking Soda, and Boiling Water
    Take ½ cup of salt and the same amount of baking soda. Pour the mixture into the drain. Meanwhile, place water in a kettle or a saucepan to boil.

    Now pour the hot water into the drain. It will initiate a reaction in the drain that will dissolve the junk, leaving the drain unclogged.

  3. Boiled Water Is Also A Perfect Solution
    Sometimes you don’t need anything special. A kettle of boiled water is enough to do wonders. Yes!! Try pouring hot water into the drain with small gaps in between. Wait and see if the water goes down easily or takes time.

    If the flow is smooth, congratulations you’ve achieved your goal. But if it’s not the case, try other methods that we’ve mentioned.

  4. Use A Plunger
    A toilet plunger is also a great tool for clearing up the drain. Place the plunger on the drain to create a seal. Now, pull it down and then up, vigorously. Repeat the process 4-5 times and then check if the water is draining.

    But here you need to be very careful. Why? Here’s it. If you have already added some chemical cleaners, don’t use a plunger. It can become hazardous.  Other than this, you don’t need to worry about anything else  

Call The Professionals!! 

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We have been in the plumbing business for a decade now and ensure that our customers get the best services at affordable prices. So, if you are having a blocked drain in Richmond, we are just a call away!  

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