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4 SEO Mistakes Affecting Your SEO Ranking

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Search engine optimization is one of the most valuable tools in the arsenal of modern businesses. Providing a means to reach even more customers and bring your business to the forefront of your local, sometimes even international market, SEO helps get your business even closer to potential customers.  

Like all tools though, SEO is only as effective as the person/people using it. If for example, your SEO efforts are being handled by SEO experts in Sydney, you’re bound to see progress really quickly. If however, your SEO efforts are being handled by non-professionals, however, chances are, you wouldn’t see as much success as you want. This is due mostly to the lack of experience of non-professionals which often leads to mistakes.  

Below are 4 of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them for more effective SEO. 

Not Using the Right Keywords 

This is probably the biggest mistake non-professionals make when doing SEO. It is true that keywords are the backbone of search engine optimization, and without them, there is no optimization to be done. That being said, not every keyword would help your business rank.  

Basically, you’d need keywords specific to your industry and target audience to stand any chance of boosting your ranking. And even then, you’d still have to select which of those keywords would be most efficient to rank for. This is where SEO experts in Sydney come in, helping you carry out keyword research on what keywords are most likely to help you get the best results. Without having such experts on the job, most of what you’d be doing would be hit-and-run SEO. 

Not Optimizing Your Content 

Many people make the mistake of thinking simply doing some keyword research and then placing keywords into website and blog content is all that is required to optimize content for SEO. This can not be farther from the truth.  

There is a lot more that goes into SEO content than just pasting in keywords. Your content has to not only contain the keywords you want to rank for but the entire body of the content must be optimized to fit said keyword. This includes everything from the overall structure of the content to using geo-specific information whenever location is a factor to be considered when ranking for a keyword or set of keywords. 

Poor Site Design 

Many business owners are of the idea that the design of a website has little to no bearing on the site’s SEO ranking. The belief is that the content is what plays the major role in SEO ranking, not design. And while this is actually true, that doesn’t mean site design plays no role at all.  

Unlike with content, websites with poor site designs are not directly penalized, hence why many assume that design matters little in terms of SEO. While your SEO ranking wouldn’t directly take a hit for site design, however, it will take a hit for terrible retention time; i.e if visitors never spend enough time on your website, SEO algorithms automatically penalize your site, reducing your ranking. And since poor site design drastically reduces retention time, it equally reduces your ranking.  

Keyword Stuffing/Over-Optimizing 

We stated earlier that not making use of the right keywords can damage your SEO ranking. But the same can also be said about the opposite! Too much use of keywords is just as bad as not using keywords at all. In fact, some people will argue it is worse! 

The excessive use of keywords is called keyword stuffing or over-optimizing, and to be fair, it used to be highly effective for ranking in the past. In today’s SEO landscape, however, it is one of the fastest ways to destroy your website’s SEO ranking. This is because keyword stuffing is highly penalized by practically all search engines today as these engines now prioritize useful, engaging content over just keywords. Then there is also the fact that content containing stuffed keywords can be very annoying to read, leading to visitors bouncing off the site. This means low retention time for the site which further affects SEO ranking. 

Finding the proper use of keywords and the right distribution is another reason you’d need SEO experts in Sydney as doing it yourself can be quite the challenge to undertake.  

Think one or more of the issues mentioned above might be affecting the SEO ranking of your business? Contact SEO experts in Sydney or near you today to get it fixed. 

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website. 

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