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4 plumbing tasks that anyone can manage on their own

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Are you facing water issues like clogged pipes and dripping faucets, or do you want to install pipes or fixtures? Although there are always professional plumbers in North Kellyville that you can rely upon for plumbing and drainage tasks, some basic knowledge about plumbing tasks can help you save a fortune down the lane. With the right toolkit, you can handle many minor plumbing jobs and help yourself and your loved ones out of any emergency by responding quickly. 


Here are a couple of plumbing tasks that do not require any particular skill, and everyone should be able to manage independently. 

Fix Running Taps and Toilets 

Running water at any unit is inconvenient and causes serious water waste and hefty water bills. The issue can be with the washers or O-rings if it is a tap. These parts can be easily replaced. Turn off the water valve under the sink and take off the decorative cover of the handle knobs. Next, use a wrench to loosen the nut and change the O-ring or washer. In most cases, plumbing tape can also help the knobs better grip.  

For a running toilet, the issue most commonly lies with the floater switch. Lift the tank cover and ensure the chain from the flapper cap to the handle is not too long. If it is, hook the chain into another link to make it short. You can save yourself both the hassle and the cost of calling a plumber whenever you notice water leaking in your toilets and sinks. 

Unclogging Drains and Toilets 

Clogging is caused by food scrapes, hair, and unwanted materials in the drain. If you don’t have access to a plumber immediately, you can try to resolve the issue and rule things out to save time. 

Use a standard sink plunger around the hole and pump until the clog is dislodged for sinks and drains. For a toilet, use a bell plunger. Place it over the toilet drain and ensure the water level in the bowl is high. Pump it around 10 times and stop to see if the water drains down. Repeat it 3 times, and if the toilet remains clogged, you will need to call a plumber in North Kellyville. 

If the water is not draining correctly, you can try using soda and vinegar. If possible, try unscrewing the pipes under the basin/sink and cleaning them; however, if the draining still causes problems, there is a more significant blockage further down the line. Avoid pouring hot water down your drains and toilets as the temperature difference will damage the pipes. Similarly, do not use harsh chemicals to clean the drains as the damage. 

Installing Faucets and Showerheads 

Replacing your old tap faucets and showerheads is relatively easy and does not require expert assistance. Upgrading to a more efficient showerhead can help you reduce water consumption by two-thirds each month.  

To install a sink or bathroom faucet, turn off the water valve below the unit and unscrew the supply lines. It is better to have a bowl to collect excess water and tools like a standard wrench, basin wrench, faucet, and sink installer. Once all the supply lines, nuts and joints have been disconnected, you can remove the old water faucet, place the new one, and reconnect all the necessary pipes and bolts. Once done, turn on the water valves. For installing a new showerhead, loosen the existing showerhead with a wrench and install a new one— yes, it is that simple! These standard installations can help you save the costs of calling in a plumber to do tasks that can be easily managed on your own. 

Handling a Plumbing Emergency 

If you experience any plumbing emergency, knowing what to do to mitigate the water damage can make all the difference. You should be aware of your options in advance so that when the time comes, you can act in a timely fashion.  

At the earliest, turn off the water supply. If the issue is with a single unit, shut off the valve near the team; otherwise, turn off the supply at the mains. Next, to save time while the emergency plumber in North Kellyville arrives, you should turn all water faucets around the area of emergency to divert the excessive water and prevent a catastrophic disaster.  

In case you are experiencing an internal flood, turn off the electrical supply as well to avoid the risk of execution, open all doors and windows, evacuate the property and see professional help as soon as possible. You can always call NW Plumbing and Drainage for any emergency as our services are available 24/7. 


Tackling most of the plumbing issues is a lot easier than many people think. There is always something you can do before seeking professional help. It is all about understanding how water runs into, through and out of your property and most of all, managing small repairs and fixes on your own. 

In case you still have questions or need tips from a professional plumber in North Kellyville, do not sweat it; give NW Plumbing and Drainage a call at 0451 669 290. Or email us with your questions at jai@nwplumbinganddrainage.com.au. You can contact us today for any plumbing-related queries— we have the answers you want! 

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.

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