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3 reasons to install gutter guards in Sydney.

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Gutter guards, the name defines its use, are a covering or a helmet to avoid debris, such as stones, twigs and other waste material, from entering your rain drainage area. Gutter replacement specialists in Sydney advocate My Slate Roofing, a company that provides its customers with all roofing solutions. Whether preserving the heritage look of your roof or giving it a modern look by repairing all the cracks and damage, My Slate Roofing is always at your service.  

Clogging drains in harsh weather conditions is a common problem in almost all households in Australia, especially in Sydney. One way to eliminate this problem is to hire gutter replacement specialists in Sydney and change all the gutter systems on your property. However, constant removal of gutters can be a little taxing and an additional expense; hence, experts from the industry advise installing gutter guards. Below are 3 main reasons that will make you understand the importance of gutter guards in your everyday life.  

  1. Protects gutter from pests’ infestations and blockages An open gutter can be a source of many diseases entering your home. The pandemic causing havoc in our life has taught us that one’s health should be of utmost priority. Thus, our gutter replacement services in Sydney offer adding a covering to the gutter line on your roof. This will reduce the population of insects attracted to uncleaned bird messes and lead to unhygienic living situations. Remember to install these guards before the nesting season commences to prevent pests from making their nests. 
    The consequence of not installing the helmets might lead to blockages as well. These are caused by the nature that surrounds the beautiful Sydney households. This beauty comes at an expense as broken branches, dried leaves and feathers of birds constantly fall in the gutters that lead to the main drain during rainfall or cleaning. Therefore, contact My Slate Roofing to solve two issues with one arrow to know more about them.
  1. Acts as a shield from ember or bushfire Bushfire is a common problem during dry weather; however, it’s generally neglected, and no effective measures are taken to protect one’s life or land from such unforeseen catastrophes. Introducing gutter lids adds a layer of the guard in regions prone to bushfires, mainly from an ember. If not protected well, the ember can enter your house or workplace through the gutters and catch the light, which is highly life-threatening. 
    My Slate Roofing is a renowned and reliable company in this field and ensures their customers that all their products are tested and authenticated with the Fire Rating Flame Index of 0.
  2. Increases the value of your estate
    It is widely known that the place’s aesthetics, outlook and sustainability are essential when planning to place your house on the market. Fortunately, adding gutter guards is one such thing that sums up all three basic elements. Searching for space with covered gutters gives that property an edge and makes it a unique selling point, showing that the homeowners took care of it and have maintained it well. As gutter helmets are easier to clean, they are admired by clients while looking for homes, as in the long run, they will be beneficial for them. 
    Once you have become aware of the many advantages of gutter guards and how it is a more feasible option than gutter replacements in Sydney, you should also know the different types of guards available and what is best for your house or workplace. Following are a few types that are available easily in the market. However, ask the experts for their advice before making the final call.  

Types of Gutter Guards 



  1. Micro-Mesh 
  • Provides the best cover protection 
  • Requires extremely less maintenance 
  • It’s on the expensive side 
  • It can only be installed using professional help 
  1. Foam  
  • Very easy to lodge on the roof 
  • Pocket-friendly 
  • Are prone to fire 
  • Need to be changed often 
  1. Brush  
  • Wet free gutters 
  • Comes along with a DIY guide; hence, the expense of installation is avoided 
  • The entire structure needs to be removed for cleaning 
  • It contains bristles that can trap small debris 
  1. Screen  
  • Is reasonable compared to other gutter guards 
  • Easily adjustable, as it comes in multiple shapes and sizes 
  • Its light in weight; thus, it can be easily blown by strong winds and storms 
  • It gets clogged quickly 


The team at My Slate Roofing is passionate about the service they offer their clientele and puts in all their hard work to deliver their needs on time. In the end, to summarize everything, maintenance of your house, especially the roof, is an integral part of one’s life as it ensures safety for your near and dear ones; if the top falls in, anything could happen, and I am sure none of you wants that. Thus, the optimum choice is to be conscious of such issues, and if you need roof-related services, you know whom to reach out to. Get a free estimate from us, and after a mutual understanding of the problem at hand, work will be commenced immediately to give you a comfortable and tension-free life. 

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website. 

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