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3 Pro Plumber Tips You Need To Know About Fixing Your Blocked Drains

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Are you dealing with blocked drains and not sure how to go about fixing them? 

Blocked drains can be a significant headache for home and business owners in Blaxland. From its strong odour, overflowing drains, toilet leaks, and rising water levels, dampness on walls and ceilings to sluggish water flow in sinks and gutters. This is not just inconvenient and frustrating to deal with, but it incurs a lot of expenses. Also poses a threat to the health of those in such environments. 

Facing all these, you must have probably tried to handle things your way to managing the situation in order to save cost. However, with the proper help of professional plumbers In Blaxland, fixing blocked drains can be a quick and easy process.  

In this article, we’ll discuss 3 pro tips on how you can handle blocked drains and maintain a clean and safe environment for yourself and everyone else. 

3 Tips You Need to Know About Fixing Blocked Drains  

  1. Identify the Cause of the Blockage 
    The very first step to solving every problem is always identifying it. The same goes for your blocked drains. In most cases, blockages are caused by build-ups of debris, like food waste, tissue, grease, hair and so on. In more serious cases, blockages can be caused by stuck tree roots, damaged pipes, sewer problems and wear and tear on pipes, causing leakage. 
    Plumbers in Blaxland use a wide range of equipment to identify the causes of blockages. An example is the use of a camera for CCTV video inspection inside of drains to obtain visual images of the drains so they can identify the damage done, hence recommending the best solution to it. 
  2. Clear the Blockage
    It’s safe to say that after a problem has been identified, drafting out a plan to solve the issue will be the next best step to take. 
    Once the cause of the blockage has been identified, the next step will be clearing out the blockage. Plumbers in Blaxland will begin the process for you. Clearing blockages can be done in several ways, depending on the cause and severity of the blockage. 
    For minor blockages, like debris in kitchen pipes, plumbers may use a plunger for such blockages. Plungers are suction devices that consist of a rubber suction cup on the end of a stick that will be pressed down several times over the end of the pipe to force out water through the drain, in turn, clearing waste in the Blockage. 
    Alternatively, a  drain snake or an auger may be used manually to clear the blockage. However, for more serious blockages, plumbers may need to use hydro jetting machines to blast away the blockages with high-pressure or high-speed water. 
  3. Repair any Damage
    Lastly, If the blockage has caused damage to the drain or pipes, plumbers In Blaxland will carry out repairs to the damage. This process may involve the installation of new system models, replacing damaged pipes or repairing cracks and leaks in the drain. 
    In some cases, the damage may be more serious, and plumbers may need to excavate the area around the drain to access and repair the damaged pipes. All these may incur expenses, but in the long run, it’ll be worth the investment.  


If you’re dealing with a blocked drainage system in Blaxland, it’s advisable to call in a professional plumber.  Having plumbers in Blaxland with expertise and experience with drainage issues will be of great advantage to you. Also, ensure your drains are properly cleaned and maintained to avoid recurring drainage issues.  

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website. 

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